About the Artist

Kathlynne Moonfire & Pamela Coleman Smith    

Arty Gear Shop

One day in kindergarten, we made owls from colored construction paper and attached paper wings with bendy brass brads. The wings moved up and down! I was thrilled. That started my art/craft journey. Thanks Owlie! Influenced by several encouraging artists in the family, I joined in without a second thought. Art and introspection have guided my enjoyment of several creative avenues, including crafts, painting, portraiture, caricatures, paper collage, cloth doll-making, fabric painting, art-to-wear clothing design and writing. The muses do require constant experimentation and I try to keep them happy...
Now I'm thrilled with digital art and my fun friends, iPad & Procreate.

My love of Tarot started in my teens, long long ago when I was attracted to the artwork and the mysterious symbolism, which appealed to my introverted longing to figure out the Universe. HaHa, still working on that one.

Look at TarotPortraits to get a hand-painted portrait of yourself as your favorite card!

Let me know what you think and watch for new products and updated designs.